Robert is extremely intelligent and well organized. Out of a company of 70 plus employees, Robert was in the top tier of the most valuable employees. His ability to multitask, organize and interpret data was second to none. Robert was definitely one of the top contributors to Junk a Car Nationwide’s growth and success over the years.

Patrick Pound

Mortgage Loan Originator

Rob is a very detail oriented businessman and has an extremely high level of professionalism in everything he does. He never misses a beat on every project he is involved in and would be a valuable asset to any company he is involved with.

Charles Dalmedo

Emergency Medicine Attending Physician

Robert has the requisite corporate experience and financial know-how that is second-to-none. His many years of intense experience at Bear Stearns has fully prepared him to manage the business interests and finances of any company or organization. Moreover, Robert is highly knowledgeable, friendly and meticulous in his commitment to quality.

Robert Applebaum

Attorney At Law at Robert Applebaum, Esq.

It was a pleasure to work with Robert. Aside from being organized and detail-oriented, he was extremely reliable. He always tried his best to get the right answers or resolve any issues. He handles himself very well professionally, but also in a delightful and friendly manner. It would be so nice to work with Robert again!

Elaine Bathan

Finance Professional

I have had the privilege of working with Robert Vogel for more than five years in his role as CFO and manager of Junk A Car Nationwide and JV Fleet Management. Robert was great to work with. He is able to drive the business with a big picture vision while still maintaining focus on the details necessary to achieve that vision. My work for the companies that he managed was made better by his input and guidance.

Jeff Foreman

Management Member, Interactive Limited LLC

I had the privilege of working with Robert Vogel for more than 8 years in his role as CFO and manager of Junk A Car Nationwide. Robert was always a pleasure to work with. He was able to use his skill set to constantly adapt to the ever-changing market that he worked in. In coordination with Five 9, he created a seamless system for all of his employees to thrive in. His work acumen and ability to balance finances, projects, and people is second to none.

Nick E. Delis

Area Vice President, Enterprise Sales

What you accomplished during your consultancy really changed our business and gave us the tools we need to keep moving. I thank you for the amazing work.

Eli Bensonoussan

Owner, Level 8 Private Dining